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'Yabby Dam' Pinot Noir 2009 (Sold Out)

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The 'Yabby Dam', just upstream from the Pinot vineyard, fills during the winter months. The Yabby (Cherax destructor) is a freshwater crayfish native to South Eastern Australia. Great eating and fun to catch, they grow to 25cm. To survive, they burrow into the mud of the drying dam bottom until the next good rain.

The 'Yabby Dam' Pinot Noir has aroma and flavour of cherry, blackcurrant and spice enhanced by 24 month French & American barrel maturation. The mid bodied intensity is a reflection of the ripe McLaren Vale red tradition.


At just the right ripeness, the tight chubby bunches of Pinot on our home block were harvested at 3am until just after sunrise at 7.30am. Time for the tired but delighted harvester operator to be the winemaker by destemming, partially crushing, adding special yeast, plunging the cap and pumping the warmish, brillaint red-purple frothing must over the cap to complete a 10 day ferment. After gently pressing most of the new wine out of the ferment it was pumped into waiting French & American barrels to mature for 24 months. The French oak used was 7% new and 3% was new American oak. Once clear & mature enough it was transferred to a stainless steel storage tank. It is packaged in premium claret bottles, and closured with high quality natural Spanish cork. To retain maximum quality and substance, it has not undergone fining or filtering. This is why a small amount of harmless, natural sediment may accumulate and adhere to the bottle as it ages.


Alcohol by volume; 14.5% v/v pH; 3.35 Titratable Acid; 6.88 g/L Residual grape sugar; 1.0 g/L Varieties; 100% Pinot Noir Geographical Indication; McLaren Vale, South Australia


Sold out

Awards and Accolades

'Yabby Dam' Pinot Noir 2009 (Sold Out)

  • 2009 Yabby Dam Pinot Noir, Silver Medal

    2012 AWC Vienna International Wine Competition

    View Editorial 2012 AWC Vienna International Wine Competition

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  • 2009 Yabby Dam Pinot Noir, Gold Medal

    Wine Style Asia Award 2011

    View Editorial Held in conjunction with Wine For Asia, the Wine Style Asia Award 2011 has achieved international recognition as the region’s most premium wine award, celebrating top quality wines for the Asian palate and market.

    Known for attracting entrants with a high standard, Wine Style Asia Award (WSAA) recognises both quality and diversity in the wines. The award saw over 460 entries in its latest installment. It produced 3 Trophy, 32 Gold, 114 Silver and 136 Bronze award-winning wines.