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Il Bacio d`Oro Preservative Free Sparkling Moscato 2014

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Made with McLaren Vale White Frontignac (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains).

Il Bacio d'Oro (The Kiss of Gold) Sparkling Moscato was crafted with this Golden coloured grape from family owned and lovingly managed vineyards in McLaren Vale. Picked at around 12 Baume, it was fermented until sugar and alcohol were in even proportions. Just 14 days from vine to bottle, the natural carbon dioxide from fermentation has been retained, giving the majority of the gas in this Moscato.

To retain maximum characters this wine is made with minimal fining and filtration and a small amount of natural harmless sediment is present.

For those sensitive to sulphites, the naturally occurring amount from fermentation is a tiny 5mg/Ltr, which is 10-20 times less than an average white wine with added sulphites.


Alcohol by volume; 6% v/v
Approx 3.6 standard drinks
Natural Residual Sugar; 108g/Lt (6% sugar/baume`)
Varieties; 100% White Frontignac
Geographical Indication; McLaren Vale, South Australia


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Awards and Accolades

Il Bacio d`Oro Preservative Free Sparkling Moscato 2014

  • 2014 Il Bacio d`Oro Preservative Free Sparkling Moscato Huon Hooke Review

    Huon Hooke Review August 2014 please view editorial

    30 August 2014
    View Editorial 90 Points
    Deep yellow-golden colour, a trifle cloudy, with a strange mead-like aroma revealing apparent age, as does the colour. Lots of honey notes and perhaps a hint of muscat fruit, but it's morphed into other things now.
    The softness, fullness and sweetness make it an appealing drink. I like it. It's very soft and harmonious, loaded with character and really fills the mouth.
    (No added preservatives. ""Minimal fining and filtration. No added preservatives"" Directions: ""Shake me gently"")

  • Silver Medal 2014 Il Bacio d`Oro Presrevative Free Moscato View Editorial Silver Medal Muscats du Monde France 2014
    After 2 days of judging, the panels awarded 73 medals,
    i.e. 33% of the 208 wines entered.
    The quality-based medals were broken down as follows :
    Medal Distribution
    Gold Medals: 25
    Silver Medals: 48

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