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High praise for our wines

Saturday, Mar 1, 2014

Geoff owner of Duck Republic in Cronulla Sydney...

"I first started stocking Conte Estate wines in my restaurant, The Duck Republic in Cronulla, just under a year and a half ago and their wines have been the backbone of my wine list since.  I actually fell in love with their Rock Hill Shiraz which boasts all the hallmarks of a great McLaren Vale Shiraz.  Everything I always look for in my wines was right there, in the one bottle.  This love at first taste bottle led me further into the Conte Estate winery and each and every variety is as consistently great as the other.  It's why I have at least 3 of their bottles on my wine list at any time.  I can match their wines to my menus perfectly which leaves my guests having had a well rounded fantastic food and wine experience.  So much so, I'm regularly asked for the vineyards details so they can visit it themselves.  Conte Estate is a truly great wine company, one I will be sharing with my guests and family alike well into the future."